Aqua Ink Swatch from Brutus Monroe

Today I was going threw my swatches and needed a smaller useful search for my Aqua Inks from I have a myndology 2 1/8x 3 5/16 ring bound 75 blankcards from office depot.

Ive used it to swatch my embossing powder and glitter glaze from Brutus Monroe. The Idea came from Jess (

I covered the names of the Aquarium Ink color swat from BM with white paper then copied 4x fussy cut so that 2 will fit on each page front/back.

Then I started adding my Aqua ink colors, once dried I named each color. Now I have an easier swatch with all my BM products close by.

You can get the swatches and Aqua Inks at Don’t forget to make extra for all the new Aqua inks coming out!

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