Koi Card, Brutus Monroe Stamps

Today I was playing the Koi fish from the Lucky You inspiration box. I cut a piece of white card stock to 3×5 stamps the Koi fish all over the card with BM detailed ink raven and my time holtz mini position platform. I used a separate piece of white cardstock tostamp out 2 more koi.I fussy cut the 2 koi fish and cut apart

I colored the card with Arteza colored pencils. The red colors I used were Rose red, Crimson, Carmine, the grays are Elephant gray, Space gray, Smoke gray, the orange are Pumpkin and Tuscan. I also embossed the 2 orange koi usinga clear embossing pen and Twisted Tangerine. I hear set using a wagner heat tool.

I worked on the background using Arteza color pencils robin egg, periwinkle, and peacock. I made it look like they were swimming in a pond with darker shadows under the Koi. I pencil in lines to represent a cracked cement- pond. I also used this method under the sentiment. I used a black card stock 2×1 1/2 under the white and stamped Best of Luck. I used craft foam under the sentiment and the 2 orange Koi. I glued the card front on an 3×5 card base with art glitter glue. This was a fun card to make.

Aqua Ink Swatch from Brutus Monroe

Today I was going threw my swatches and needed a smaller useful search for my Aqua Inks from brutusmonroe.com I have a myndology 2 1/8x 3 5/16 ring bound 75 blankcards from office depot.

Ive used it to swatch my embossing powder and glitter glaze from Brutus Monroe. The Idea came from Jess (acarddayswork.wordpress.com).

I covered the names of the Aquarium Ink color swat from BM with white paper then copied 4x fussy cut so that 2 will fit on each page front/back.

Then I started adding my Aqua ink colors, once dried I named each color. Now I have an easier swatch with all my BM products close by.

You can get the swatches and Aqua Inks at http://brutusmonroe.com Don’t forget to make extra for all the new Aqua inks coming out!